Feeling the Effects: The Rise in the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting


By: Brian Burkett*


           It is well established that most homeowners purchase property insurance for peace of mind or because it is required, and not necessarily because the homeowner believes a catastrophe will happen to them.[1] Given this, many homeowners are unfamiliar with their policy provisions.[2] When a disaster occurs, the homeowners’ policy plays an integral role in helping the homeowner rebuild.[3] The policyholder will have several options while navigating through the claims process. While some policyholders will choose to work with the insurance company directly or rely on a contractor to negotiate the claim, others will turn to a public insurance adjuster. Although there is not a right or wrong way to move through the claims process, problems can arise when an unlicensed or untrained person negotiates a claim settlement with the insurance company.[4]

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